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Maynard Says New Tool Music is Coming in 2019, Not 2018 ????


All signs have been pointing to 2018 for the twelve-years-in-the-making new Tool album for some time now: Danny Carey said this, Maynard said that, and so on and so forth.

Now, almost halfway through 2018, it seems as if the timeline may have shifted a bit. Justin Chancellor is currently wrapping up his bass parts in the studio meaning guitar and vocals have yet to come (to be followed, of course, by mixing, mastering and the entire album setup marketing campaign), so this thing’s still far from out. But add to that what Maynard told the audience from the stage last night at Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods Awards:

“Thank you very much, appreciate it. Wouldn’t be here without you guys, so thank you very much for all of that. A lot of work’s being done, a lot of work’s been done. I’ll go on record now and say – you’re gonna see some new music next year.”

Now, we must not take these things too literally: while it’s possible the band has a release date set for 2019, it’s also possible he was just speaking off the cuff or playing it safe, so 2018 could remain on the table. Still, are we really surprised there’s another delay? And at this point do we really care? Whatevs! There will be new Tool whenever there’s new Tool; at least we know it’s happening.

Here’s a video Axl and I shot a couple months back in which we discuss whether we think new Tool will be any good:

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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