Ghost’s Tobias Forge is Planning a Collaborative Project; Rob Halford and Nergal Involved?


Earlier this month, The Phoenix New Times published an interview with Judas Priest’s Rob Halford in which the undisputed metal god and keeper of the best Instagram account ever dropped the following nugget, which went largely under the radar in the metal media:

“Nergal [from Behemoth] and I are possibly doing a collaboration. I was in the dressing room with Tobias from Ghost, and we talked about collaborative opportunities too. It’s fun for musicians to step into each other’s world. It’s like different football teams — it’s the same game but a different play. I’m just very curious to see where my voice can fit in.”

The Nergal / Halford collaboration we already knew about, but that Ghost tidbit we didn’t! Sure, there are tons of qualifiers here — “possibly,” “talked about,” “opportunities” — so this thing is faaaaar from a reality. Still, it’s fun to dream about, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, Ghost ringleader Tobias Forge spoke with 100.5 KATT right around that same time and offered the following on his future plans:

“And then I have another project at the end of that tunnel that might or might not materialize. It’s a little bit of a side thing that takes a ton of collaboration and many stars aligning and that’s been in the works for years. So we will see if that happens, but that is as far as I can see right now.”

Could Forge and Halford be talking about the same project? The timing of the interviews sure lines up. Again, tons of qualifiers here — Forge is clear that this thing is basically a pipe dream — and for all we know the frontmen could be speaking about entirely different things. But having Halford sing on a Ghost track would sure be super sweet. And imagine if Nergal got involved with that one too? Swoon.

Check out the interview below and try not to ruin your keyboard when you get excited.

[via Loudwire]

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