Coheed and Cambria Announce New Album The Unheavenly Creatures


Last month Coheed and Cambria bestowed upon us “The Dark Sentencer,” a sprawling new song with a narrative that promised to bring things back to the comic-inspired fantasy world for which this band is known. Now we’ve got some more info: their new album will be called The Unheavenly Creatures, a 15-track, 78-minute epic that returns to The Amory Wars theme and will be released October 5th via the band’s new label Roadrunner Records.

Casual Coheed fans just in it for the tunes can probably stop reading right now, but for those of you that are super invested in the creative juices that flow inside Claudio Sanchez’s brain here’s a bit more info, including details on a super-duper limited edition box set:

“Set for release on October 5th, the box set (packaging shot attached) includes an exclusive eighty-plus page hardcover illustrated sci-fi novel with strikingly realistic color imagery by Chase Stone, as well as the complete Act 1 novella written by frontman Claudio Sanchez and his wife, Chondra Echert. The set also houses a fully-wearable hard-plastic mask of the main character in The Unheavenly Creatures, a CD copy of the album, as well as the exclusive bonus album, The Crown Heights Demos, showing the songs in their original written form.  Additional items include a 3-panel fold out poster of expanded album cover art, and the Unheavenly Creatures Black Card which will allow all card holders early access to tickets and early entry to Coheed and Cambria headline dates (including this summer’s tour).  For more information on Vaxis – Act 1: The Unheavenly Creatures Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set, visit www.coheedandcambria.com.”

Like I said… that’s a lot! But C&C superfans will no doubt dig, and if there’s anything this band has a lot of it’s superfans.

The band promises new music next week, but for the time being here’s “The Dark Sentencer” again in case you missed it:

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