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Pig Destroyer Releases Album Teaser for Head Cage

  • Axl Rosenberg

Look at this group of morose motherfuckers. The expression on J.R. Hayes’ face is the same one my mom used to throw me in high school when I’d get a shitty grade. I can just hear him saying “I’m not mad, just disappointed.”

Pig Destroyer Releases Album Teaser for Head Cage

In their defense, Pig Destroyer have reason to be disappointed: their new album, Head Cage, runs laps around the year’s other heavy releases. These sons of bitches are like Achilles at the beginning of Troy“Is there no one else?!” And no. There isn’t. Pig Destroyer are un-fucking-stoppable.

Sadly for those of you who don’t have the coolest job in the world, you won’t be able to hear Head Cage under September 7. Considerably less sadly, Relapse Records has now released the below teaser for the album, which is twenty seconds from the opening intro track. And considerably less less sadly, a press release tells us the label will launch pre-orders on July 10, which is less than two weeks from today. Now, I suppose it’s possible that they’ll begin pre-orders without releasing a single — I mean, it’s not like we need evidence that the PxDx will be awesome — but I’m guessing they’ll release a full song at that same time.

Watch the teaser, and know that while it ain’t much, the near future has a lot more Pig Destroyer goodness in store for us all:

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