Here’s Some Footage of Dream Theater Tracking Drums for Their Next Album


Studio footage usually doesn’t do much for me, but 1) it’s a slow as fuck news day, and 2) my fanboy love for Dream Theater apparently knows no bounds, even considering John Petrucci’s Donald Trump-loving tendencies. And so…

Dream Theater have been in the studio since early June working on their next album — although they haven’t revealed where — and, as has been the process on their past several records, they’re writing the entire thing together from scratch in the studio and then recording it (do any other metal bands do it this way? if so, I’m not aware). The record has now been written and recording has commenced, starting with drums as is usually the case.

Below, take a look at a clip of John Petrucci giving a brief tour of the studio and showing some footage of Mike Mangini warming up, along with a previously released video of Petrucci and James LaBrie talking a bit about the new album. And get super hyped up on it if studio vids typically provoke that reaction in you.

Will we hear this thing in 2018? It’s certainly possible, although the clock is ticking… I’d say an early 2019 release is more likely.

[via Ghost Cult Mag]

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