Every Time I Die’s Jordan Buckley Saved the Life of a Fan with a Brain Tumor


Every Time I Die won’t make you sign a waiver if you enter the pit during one of their shows, but do so at your own risk anyway: guitarist Jordan Buckley might accidentally spit beer into your eye, as he did to a woman at a recent show.

The women went to the doctor when her eye was still bothering her the next day, and although the doc said her eye was just fine, diagnostics turned up a brain tumor!

Thankfully this story has a happy ending: the tumor was caught early enough that surgery to remove it was successful, and the woman is now fully recovered. If Buckley hadn’t spit beer into her eye it’s entirely possible she wouldn’t have known about the tumor until it was too late.

Buckley himself narrated the story of how he found out about the most fortunate beer-spitting incident of all time in a series of tweets, which you can read below. The moral of the story is… yeah, I really don’t know what the moral of the story is. Always go to the doctor when something’s wrong, I guess?

[via Metal Insider]

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