Dead Letter Circus’ New Song “The Real You” is 2deep4me


Brisbane’s Dead Letter Circus have been throwing us tunes that bridge the gap between catchy and alternative since 2010, but their newest track “The Real You” gives the impression that the band may be veering into more diluted territory. Frontman Kim Benzie explains that the song touches on the ways we are affected by social media obsession:

“‘The Real You’ was me absorbing the cultural changes that have grown around Social Media. Life should be a journey towards letting go of the mask you create with your insecurities when you’re young. It feels like we’ve accidentally created a culture where the concept of the mask is now what you aspire towards. The song is about craving an interaction that doesn’t have a filter.”

The lyrical message? Cool. The music? Eh. “The Real You” isn’t exactly a banger – it seems like Dead Letter Circus have ditched a decent chunk of the heaviness they established on 2013’s The Catalyst Fire. It’s a shame, because TCF had the perfect balance of weight and familiarity to attract people who may not already be into heavy music. “The Real You,” on the other hand, sound like a watered-down, mass-appeal-ified version of 2013’s “Lodestar”, complete with rehashed chord progressions that could almost be mistaken for crappy worship music. Listen below if you don’t believe me.

While Dead Letter Circus’ formula definitely works, it would be cool to see these talented dudes, who obviously have some neat ideas spinning around up there, do something a little different. Cross your fingers that of the self-titled record, available September 21, will have a little more to offer. Pre-order it here via Rise Records.

[via Tone Deaf]

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