Pestilence Shows Cancelled “Thanks to MetalSucks and Their Followers”


A string of upcoming U.S. Pestilence shows scheduled for this fall have been cancelled “Thanks to metalsucks [sic] and their followers,” according to frontman Patrick Mameli.

Earlier this week, MetalSucks reported that Mameli recently used bigoted slurs and cultural stereotypes on social media, calling the ’90s pop group Milli Vanilli the n-word and insinuating that Jews, Israelis, and Zionists are all one and the same, and are all masterminding one massive conspiracy to further their own interests.

Mameli now says that MetalSucks’ story has resulted in the cancellation of live performances:

“Thanks to metalsucks and their followers, our US minitour has been cancelled by our U.S. promotor. We are saddened by this and how people believe a shady person, to say the least, over us/me. 30+ years of Death Metal, and never one accusation of racism, nazism or sexism. What a joke. Pestilence’s line up has always been international. How can that be racist? Good job done metalsucks and the people involved in trying to slander us. Pestilence wil remain with pride and dignity. We love ALL our fans worldwide. No matter race, culture or any difference. Together we stand tall.”

For the record, we were fans not that long ago.

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