Video: Bruce Dickinson Even Falls Down Well


Every day, we should all take a moment to acknowledge how fucking cool Bruce Dickinson is. Not only is he the lead singer of the most important band of all time, but he also saves endangered turtles, pays off companies’ overdue wages out of his own pocket, and even helps sick kids. He is in the mirror in which we all see that we are clowns, and for that, we thank him.

As if you need any more convincing, last night Dickinson feel from a monitor during Iron Maiden’s Manchester show. Now, normally, we’d headline a post about this with “Bruce Dickinson Falls Down, Goes Boom”…but Bruce’s recovery was so swift and classy that we can’t bring ourselves to do it. Rather than hobble around, or stop the music, or make a big deal out of it, Bruce just kept singing…got up…and played it off with a joke! Jesus, when I fall down, it’s fifteen minutes of hissing and ‘Aaah’-ing,  but Bruce Dickinson, he FALLS WELL!

Check out some fan-shot video of Bruce’s spill below. We hope every other metal musician watches this. THIS, guys–this is how it’s done.

[Via The PRP]

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