Reefer Is The Grody Danish Pothead Sludge Band Of Your Dreams


As a total pothead who loves metal, I’m a sucker for bad weed puns and bong references. Overall, though, I’m slightly desensitized to your typical pun implying you smoked a joint once. Even if your weed joke is good, the music better be there to back it up.

But man, Copenhagen’s Reefer got me good with their 2013 EP Bow Before The Altar of Drugs. Not only is it fucking named that, and features a song called “In Weed With Satan”, but the tunes thereon are also heavy and aggressive as fuck. Think a band like Bongripper, whose name is all good-timey herb-worship, but whose music is actually brutal and dark in the utmost. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

Don’t believe me? Fire up a fatty and listen to Bow Before The Altar of Drugs below. MetalSucks is not responsible for you spending the rest of the afternoon making sweet love to eight microwave burritos.

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