Deicide Are Going To “Seal The Tomb Below” With Your Pathetic Ass Inside Of It


I fucking love Deicide. I love their straightforward satanic approach, their brolic sound, and Glen Benton’s salty-ass regard for everything (man, talk about someone whose negativity is part of what makes them cool). So I’m stoked for their new album, and I like that new track a whole lot. Fuck yeah, the Devil,

Now, the band has released a second track titled “Seal The Tomb Below”, and does it slap? Does Glen Benton shit in a Bible with the pages cut out with a butter knife? Of course it slaps! The song’s a little eerier than “Excommunicated” and plods a bit more in the opening–it’s definitely not just “Death to Jesus” all over again (sadly)–and the chorus even reminds me a little of Dethklok in its guitar work. But it’s still classic Deicide, and exactly the kind of death metal song I want to kick my weekend off with.

Blast “Seal The Tomb Below” and bathe in satanic morbidity. Deicide’s Overtures of Blasphemy drops 9/14 on Century Media. It’s available for pre-order here.

[via The PRP]

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