Set and Setting Debut New Single “Ecdysis” From Their Heaviest Album To Date


While there’s enough atmospheric post-metal going around to sedate a small gorilla, Florida’s Set and Setting are one of the bands that stick out from the muck. The quartet’s instrumental performance tells an immersive, melodic story with the dynamic interest that many similar bands seem to gloss over, keeping the overarching ambiance from getting stale.

Lucky for us, they’ve got a new album on the way this fall. The first single “Ecdsyis” is unexpectedly fierce, satisfying the need to rock out but allowing the music flow naturally through ambient textures and rolling psychedelia. Ultimately, it’s a telltale sign that the band is headed towards heavier pastures, leaning strongly towards the metallic end of the spectrum when things really get crankin’.

“When we were writing this album, we had a new lineup and felt a new energy,” comments guitarist Shane Handall. “We named this song ‘Ecdysis’ because it felt like we we were shedding old skin and pushing new boundaries we haven’t reached yet. We purposely tried to extend the boundaries of our sound by adding more extreme metal and punk influences all while still sounding like ourselves.

Tabula Rasa is out on October 12 via Pelagic Records. Stream “Ecdysis” below, and for pre-orders of Tabula Rasa in North America click here, in Europe click here, and in Australia go here. If ya want digital, go here.

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