Sludge Defenders Battalions Drop New Video for “Forever Marching Backwards”


If your long weeekend (assuming you’re in the U.S.) was anything like mine, knowing there won’t be another holiday till November makes me want to lavish in every spare moment of leisure that I can get. So, brought to you straight from the comfort of my own bed are some fuzzy, churning grooves courtesy of U.K.-based sludge lords Battalions, who just announced the release of their third album Forever Marching Backwards. 

A music video of the album’s tittle track was released last week. As it stands, there’s not one instance of marching backwards throughout the video, so you could try playing it in reverse for ultimate immersion — you might even discover a secret message from Satan! Otherwise, a regular forwards listen will present you with the aforementioned grooves and some surprisingly abrasive, punky vocals. I couldn’t help but wonder if the vocalist has ever hurt himself, but hey, the sound works for them. In fact, Battalions’ vocalist Phil Wilkinson did have some comments regarding the album:

“If you’ve followed Battalions for the last few albums you can expect tighter production, bigger riffs, more of a focus on structure and song writing along with the usual self-depreciating humour peppered throughout. The album itself is based around lead single ‘Forever Marching Backwards’ from which the album takes its name, essentially an allegory about how society seems to be hardwired to follow blindly without the majority questioning motives. The blind leading the blind.”

Stream “Forever Marching Backwards” below, and pre-order the record out November 30 via APF here.

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