Video: Washington D.C. Tourists React to Pig Destroyer


We know what you’re thinking: “Gee, MetalSucks, it sure was cruel of you to send Pig Destroyer’s J.R. Hayes and Blake Harrison to Washington, D.C. to play their new album, Head Cage, for unsuspecting tourists.” Cruel to the tourists, sure, who just wanted to visit our nation’s capital and already had to deal with a myriad of protests and protests of protests without having a goddamn grindcore record foisted upon their delicate ears; and also cruel to the PxDx dudes, who had to play it cool while the tourists dissed their music and hope not to run afoul the town’s army of cops, who might not take kindly to a band called Pig Destroyer having recently released a single called, uh, “Army of Cops.” Gosh, what dicks us MetalSuckers must be to have arranged for all of this.

Here’s the thing: the whole video was Pig Destroyer’s idea in the first place! So you see, we’re not sadists so much as J.R. and Blake are masochists. Also, they’ve got balls so big it’s a wonder they can walk.

Check out the hilarious results of their excursion via the below video. Head Cage drops this Friday, September 7 on Relapse. Read our review here (spoiler: we loved it), and pre-order the album here!!!

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