Architects Release New Song “Hereafter,” Now with Josh Middleton of Sylosis


A quick browse through the MS archives for Architects reveals a whole lot of this (paraphrased): “Band is OK, I guess, but it’s not for me.”

Sylosis mastermind Josh Middleton joined the band in 2017, replacing Tom Searle, who tragically died of cancer in 2016 at just 28 years old. And though it’s been a while since we’ve heard from them, a quick browse through the MS archives for Sylosis reveals a whole lot of this (paraphrased): “This band is fucking phenomenal.”

Does Middleton’s presence have enough of an impact on Architects’ new song “Hereafter” to sway our opinion of the band?

Well… a little. Maybe. “Hereafter” is a bit more ballsy than I remember Architects sounding, and the riffs are chunkier and more complex. That said, the overall formula hasn’t changed much: good cop / bad cop vocals, now just overlaid on top of pseudo djentiness (which is odd, because Sylosis certainly weren’t/aren’t djent). The improvement is marginal, so I’m still not rushing over into Axl’s Annex of the MS Mansion to tell him how Josh Middleton turned Architects into a completely different band. And I certainly don’t mean that as a slight to Tom, so we’re clear.

Check out “Hereafter” below. Holy Hell comes out November 9 via Epitaph Records; pre-order here

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