Metallica Fans are Once Again Pissed About Super Bowl Halftime Show “Snub”


Every year around this time, social networks light up with the perceived severe injustice that Metallica have been “snubbed” by not being invited to play the Super Bowl halftime show. “But <whatever pop artist is playing> sucks!!!” they say. “Metallica are way bigger than <shitty pop artist>!!!” they say.

Yeah, sure, whatever. It sure would be neat if Metallica played the Super Bowl halftime show, but metal is not appealing to the masses, broheim! Sure, they’re not as heavy as Cattle Decapitation (for example), but they’re simply not palatable to the average ear. Even Papa Het himself seems resigned to the fact that it’ll never happen, so Metallica resorted to playing their own show the night before the Super Bowl when America’s Favorite Holiday took place in the band’s hometown in 2016.

Dunderheaded metal dweebs on the internet are gonna continuing being dunderheaded metal dweebs on the internet, though… and so, with Maroon 5 announced as this year’s halftime show performers people are once again up in arms about Metallica allegedly getting overlooked. Loudwire has a whole collection of inflammatory tweets, so I’ll post a few of those below and then let you all have at it.

Look, I get it. It stinks. Metallica deserve it. It just isn’t surprising anymore when it doesn’t happen. Let it be.

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