Stormy Daniels Says She Had Sex Under Vinnie Paul’s Drum Riser

  • Axl Rosenberg

Forget Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy, John Holmes, Traci Lords, or anyone else — Stormy Daniels is now the most famous porn star of all time. Think about this: because of her affair with President Dump Truck, she is almost certainly going to be mentioned in American history textbooks for the rest of time. Your kids and grandkids and great-grandkids will not only know who Stormy Daniels is/was, but they’ll learn about her in school. For many of us, she has also irreparably ruined Mario Kart, and possibly the legacy of the Mario Bros. franchise at large. We’ve come a long way from Marilyn Monroe and “Happy Birthday Mr. President.”

Ms. Daniels (née Stephanie Clifford), we have now learned, is also a metal fan, because of course she is. In a new interview with All That Shreds, she reveals that her favorite band is Slipknot, and that she once had sex under the drum riser of late Pantera skinsman (no pun intended) Vinnie Paul:

“I was feature dancing at a club in Florida, I mean several years ago I met Pantera.  They’re my second favorite band of all time.  It was their guitar techs Birthday.  So I brought him up on stage.  This started an ongoing friendship with Pantera, and I spent a couple of weeks with them on tour.  I had sex with a hot redhead under the drum riser as Vinnie was playing.  It was sad when Vinnie Paul passed away as I was finishing the chapter in my book about Pantera.  We’ve been friends for so long, and it was pretty hard.”

Less salaciously, she also recalls her favorite concert:

“I just turned 17, and Metallica was playing on a weeknight. Nobody would go with me because their parents wouldn’t let them.  So, I bought a ticket now keep in mind this is before GPS.  I got a map and drove myself to the Metallica concert.  I triumphantly made it.  I changed in the parking lot as it wasn’t something you should wear in public. I went in, and it was general admission and was right up against the barricade in front of the stage for a kick-ass concert.”

For those doing the math at home, Daniels turned seventeen in 1996, meaning this would have been Load-era Metallica. So sleeping with Donald Trump isn’t even the most degrading thing to which she’s ever subjected herself.

Read the entire interview here.

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