Periphery’s New Album Has a 15-Minute Song On It


Periphery’s upcoming album, Periphery IV: Corey Taylor’s Balls, does not yet have an official release date. But the band has been hard at work on it for months, and vocalist Spencer Sotelo has revealed in the band’s latest video update from the studio that he was wrapping up his work for the sessions, a 15-minute salvo he “saved for last” that serves as the album’s opening song.

Amidst some vocal recording footage and some brief clips of new music, Spencer also spoke on the musical nature of the new record, which should excite fans like me who endeavor to see artistic evolution over time:

“I’m having more fun on this record than I’ve ever had. Just because we’ve been able to explore so many different styles, and we’ve kind of broken boundaries that we haven’t broken in the past. There’s a lot of songs that don’t stick to the regular verse/chorus type thing; there’s only a couple on the record that are like that. Everything else is just really, really explorative. and kind of just doing whatever we want and not worrying about what people are gonna think and just going for it.”

That’s encouraging, right? In a metaphorical sense I truly hope P IV isn’t simply the next in the progression of P I-III, but something different entirely. We’ll see! You can watch the first studio episode here for some guitar tracking footage from a different location. Once all sessions are complete (which sounds like it’ll be very soon), Sotelo and Misha Mansoor will fly over to the U.K. to mix with the band’s former bassist, Nolly Getgood.

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