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Anal Trump Release $10,000 Deluxe Version of New Album, Form Super PAC to “Make Trump Shit”


Look, we know everyone is really, really busy, but if possible, MetalSucks would love it if our American readers could please find time in-between bouts of masturbating to Corey Taylor and go vote. It’s important, as you may have heard.

Y’know who else wants you to go vote? Anal Trump. The duo, which consists of Cattle Decapitation’s Travis Ryan and Pinback’s Rob Crow, are releasing their debut full-length, The First 100 Songs, on Joyful Noise today, which obviously isn’t a coincidence (new albums are usually released on Fridays). And just to drive the message home, they’ve now announced the formation of their own Super PAC, So It Has Come to This (check out the initials, LOL), which is devoted to “supporting organizations that make Trump shit” (e.g., the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and RAINN, all of whom have benefitted from past proceeds of Anal Trump releases).

But that’s not all! The band has also launched what may be the best publicity stunt in recent memory: a $10,000 copy of The First 100 Songs, which will be delivered in the format of one-hundred one-inch records. The purchase also includes a specially modified turntable so you can actually play the darn things.

As a lowly metal blogger, I do not currently have ten grand to throw away on such a purpose. But if I did, I would, and if you do, I encourage you do so. You can take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at this link; they also have the cheaper normal versions of album for sale there, too.

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