David Draiman on Hearing Metallica’s “Creeping Death” for the First Time: “Every Single Jewish Kid Thought, ‘Oh, Metallica Wrote a Song for Us!'”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Disturbed vocalist David Draiman recently took time out of an interview with Kerrang! to ruin one of Metallica’s best songs for Proud Boys everywhere:

“‘Creeping Death,’ that was a special song for me as a kid, because that was the one that every single Jewish kid thought, ‘Oh, Metallica wrote a song for us! He wrote it about the exodus of the Jews from Egypt under slavery!’

“We all used to get into that. I remember just the glee we all used to experience when [we heard], ‘Hebrews born to serve, to the pharaoh.’ That line alone was just like, ‘Yes! Vindication!’ We were recognized in a Metallica song.”

I hate to admit it, given how little I appreciate Draiman’s music, but this is a moment to which I, and many other Jewish kids, I’m sure, can relate. Not that Metallica thought “Hey, we should take a moment to vindicate Jewish metalheads” when they wrote “Creeping Death.” Christians study the Old Testament, too, obviously. But still! It was like, “Hey, I finally have something to talk to my Aunt Sadie about at our next seder!”

And then I found twenty bucks. Or 73.33 shekels.

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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