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Joey Jordison Says He Has a “Ton” of Unheard Slipknot Demos

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s a fact*: 1 in 1,000,000 Slipknot fans think that the band’s music noticeably declined in quality after they split with drummer Joey Jordison (via singing telegram, according to urban legend**). These fans, who call themselves ‘Majjots’ instead of ‘Maggots’ in Jordison’s honor***, give zero fucks about Slipknot’s new single, “Live Your Best Life.”**** They long for nothing more than new Slipknot music featuring all of the classic line-up’s living members.

These fans will probably be elated, then, to hear that Jordison has told Metal Hammer that he has a “ton of Slipknot demos” for material the public has never heard:

“I have a ton of Slipknot demos that I have at home. Maybe some day they’ll surface, maybe they’ll never be heard, but I don’t translate them to any other band, they still stay in the Slipknot safe.

“I won’t use them for anyone else besides Slipknot, if that ever happens again.”

Which is probably wise, ’cause it will definitely happen again. The only way Jordison never reunites with Slipknot in any capacity is if the band suffers another tragedy before they get the chance.

Look. I didn’t even need any asterisks for that one.

*It is not a fact.
**They did not fire Joey via singing telegram. This was a joke meant to poke fun at the fact that Jim Root claims to have been fired from Stone Sour via a phone call. When we wrote this joke, we vastly overestimated the Internet’s ability to grasp humor and/or identify a patently ridiculous lie. Jesus jumping Christ, people.
***Majjots are not a real thing.
****The song is not called “Live Your Best Life.”

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