Enlarge The recording is one of many rarities included in a new Cornell box set.

Listen to an Official Live Recording of Chris Cornell’s Metallica/U2 “One” Mash-Up


In the years just before his death, Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave) infamously began to regularly perform an bizarre, ingenious mash-up/cover: he used the music from U2’s “One,” but the lyrics from Metallica’s “One.” Obviously, beyond the name, these two tracks have little in common, but the combo of U2’s beautiful melody, Metallica’s terrifying lyrics, and Cornell’s haunting vocals is undeniably hypnotic.

While bootlegs in the form of cell phone recordings have been floating around basically since Cornell introduced the mover/cash-up, an actual, authorized, professional recording of the track appears on the new box set entitled, simply, Chris Cornell. Specifically, the recording was captured at Manhattan’s Beacon Theater in 2015.

It’s just one of many rarities included in the set. It’s also one of the best.

Enjoy the track below. You can buy various editions of the Chris Cornell box set here.

Thanks: Jordan G.

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