Labirinto’s “Divino Afflante Spiritu” Will Have a Divine Influence on Your Spirit


The easiest way to describe the music of São Paulo’s Labirinto may be to simply let you know that they’re signed to Pelagic Records, the label owned and operated by The Ocean’s Robin Staps. They’re not quite as heavy as The Ocean, and they’re instrumental, but they share that same mix of melodic doom and dreamy post-metal. It’s the kind of stuff which makes you feel like you’re floating in a pool… of mercury.

That would make their music appealing enough, but as bonus, the band’s new single, “Divino Afflante Spiritu” (Latin for “Spiritually Divine Influence”), has a must-see music video. Shot in gorgeous black and white and run mostly in reverse, the clip is absolutely hypnotic. Watch:

“Divino Afflante Spiritu” is the title track from Labirinto’s new album, which Pelagic will release on February 8. Pre-order it here (Europe) or here (digital).

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