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I’m Nerding Out HARD Over This Avenged Sevenfold Behind-the-Scenes Video of “Almost Easy”


Next time someone tries to make the argument to me that Avenged Sevenfold are talentless hacks, I will a) slap them in their stupid, dumb face, b) show them this recently released behind-the-scenes video that dives deep into the original session files for “Almost Easy” from their 2007 self-titled album.

In short, this video — part of the “Breakdown” series they’ve been releasing that takes a look at the original recording session files for songs throughout their catalogue — shows just how well thought-out and complex the band’s music is. I LOVED the part that breaks down the layers upon layers of vocal harmonies; that’s some real big-boy stuff right there, and the band members were [mostly] all of 24 years old when they self-produced (!) this album. It’s also a treat to learn about The Rev’s (R.I.P.) influence on this particular track and on that era of the band in general. The whole video is a testament to the true genius those five men were and are capable of, showcasing their world-class musicianship and composition skills.

Watch below if you call yourself a true A7X fan. Posers, get out!

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