You Can Now Listen to Some Samples of Limp Bizkit Recording Their New Album If That’s Something That Interests You for Some Reason


As you may or may not recall depending on just how boring your life is, Limp Bizkit are currently “hard” at “work” on a new album. Now Wes Borland has begun to post photos and video from the studio, offering fans their first taste, however brief, of new Bizkit. I haven’t listened to it because I love myself but you’re free to do so below.

Also of interest if you give a shit about any of this: The PRP surmises that bassist Sam Rivers is not participating in these album sessions, because a) apparently he’s been absent from touring with the band for some time, and b) Borland is holding a bass in one of the below photos. Would Rivers’ absence be a devastating blow to the Limp Bizkit sound? I have no idea, but… I sure do hope so!

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