Wanna Know How Much Metallica, System of a Down, Ghost and Other Bands Earn to Play Shows?


The latest Boxscore report has landed and, as usual, The PRP’s done the heavy-lifting of sorting through it and posting the box office numbers of some notable metal and hard rock bands.

Note that these numbers are not a wholly accurate reflection of how much money these artists take home. After the ticket numbers are in, the bands still need to pay the opening acts, cover their crew and travel expenses, share a cut with the promoter, pay their manager and booking agent, etc. On the other side of it, the numbers also don’t include any money earned from merch sales. But these Boxscore reports do provide a general idea of the earning power of each of these bands, especially relative to one another.

The latest batch provides a great example of how a band like System of a Down can get away with only performing a small handful of shows each year. Who needs a new album when you can pull numbers like that?

Artist: Metallica
Venue: Las Vegas, NV – T-Mobile Arena
Date: Nov. 26th, 2018
Gross Sales: $2,551,915
Attendance/Capacity: 19,032 / 19,032
Ticket Prices: $145, $75

Artist: System Of A DownAt The Drive In & Skeletonwitch
Venue: Las Vegas, NV – T-Mobile Arena
Date: Oct. 19th, 2018
Gross Sales: $1,245,978
Attendance/Capacity: 13,779 / 14,823
Ticket Prices: $99.50, $45

Artist: Ghost
Venue: Laval, QC – Place Bell
Date: Dec. 07th, 2018
Gross Sales: $219,373
Attendance/Capacity: 5,421 / 5,824
Ticket Prices: $48.89

More at The PRP and Boxscore.

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