Slipknot x Supreme Clothing Line in the Works?


I’ve seen folks lined up around the block waiting to get into the Supreme clothing store in Manhattan on more than one occasion. I don’t understand what could possibly inspire someone to want to wait on line in the cold for hours in order to pay over a hundred dollars for a hoodie, but I’m also a libtard, SJW and a member of the Jewish global media conspiracy, so perhaps I’m behind the scenes pulling the financial strings on the whole operation. BWAHAHAHA, suckerrrrrs.

So: Kerrang! reports that Twitter users are circulating rumors about a potential Supreme x Slipknot line set to drop this coming spring or summer. DropsByJay, a Supreme “commentary fan account” with over 128,000 followers, reported the rumor on Monday with an air of confidence and an accompanying image, stating:

“Supreme x Slipknot collaboration coming this Spring/Summer 19 Season. Tees, outerwear, accessory, stickers & More.

“Official Images to come soon.

“This collaboration has been awhile in the making who’s excited?”

Needless to say, plenty of people are, in fact, excited. This rumor has not been confirmed by either Slipknot or Supreme so should be taken with a grain of salt for now… but I can only surmise that DropsByJay didn’t accrue 128,000 followers by being wrong about these sorts of things. The timing is certainly right, whatwith Slipknot getting set to drop a new album and embark on a tour. We shall find out soon enough.

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