Enlarge Photo Credit: Mark Maryanovich

Dream Theater Debut New Song “Fall Into the Light”


I’m not what you’d call “in the bag” for Dream Theater. They are inarguably incredible musicians, but I don’t always appreciate the manner in which they use that talent. Also, James LaBrie’s voice reminds me of the squeaking sound that sometimes occurs when one unsuccessfully attempts to hold back a fart.

So my hot take on the band’s new song, “Fall Into the Light,” may not hold much water… but having said, I really, really like the song. I can’t tell you to which era of DT, if any, the track is comparable, but I can tell you that it’s got aggression, it’s got groove, it’s got emotion, it’s got hooks, it’s got the requisite Dream Theater twenty minutes of guitar and keyboard solos, and, yes, it even has Squeaks LaBrie. I have no idea how hardcore DT fans will feel about the track, but hardcore Pig Destroyer fans should find it pleasurable-to-tolerable. Huzzah!

Check out “Fall Into the Light” via the below music video, which is like a kinda weak James Bond opening credit sequence. The track will appear on the band’s new album, Distance Over Time, which comes out on February 22nd and is available for pre-order here. The band will head out on tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Scenes From a Memory next spring.

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