Legendary Swedish Death Metal Band Dismember Sewn Back Together


Having dismembered themselves back in 2011, the original line-up of the legendary Swedish death metal act Dismember will sow itself back together for a reunion. The quintet has announced that they’ll perform at this fall’s Scandinavia Deathfest (presented by Maryland Deathfest, so you know it’s quality) with their original line-up — vocalist Matti Kärki, guitarists Robert Sennebäck and David Blomqvist, drummer Fred Estby, and bassist Richard Cabeza — intact.

It’s hard to tell from the language used here, but I don’t think this is meant to be a one-off event. I guess we’ll find out the hard way.

Scandinavia Deathfest will take place on October 11 and 12 in Stockholm, Sweden. Other artists scheduled to appear on the bill include Nuclear Assault, Benediction, and General Surgery. You can get more details here.

Thanks to Ranpal C. for the tip!

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