Chad Kroeger is Now Listed on Metal Archives


Which metal bands Metal Archives will and will not include in its vaunted listings — considered by many to be the definitive resource for metal band names, members and discographies — has been the subject of many a great debate. At the root of inclusion: what does it take to be considered “metal?” For example, Clutch, Genghis Tron and Converge: not listed. Fourteen different bands named Oblivion, most of which no one cares about or has even heard of? Included for posterity.

It will most surely annoy many, then, that Chad Kroeger, Nickelback frontman and internet punching bag, was added to Metal Archives by one of the site’s moderators on Wednesday, January 16th. You can check out his brand new listing right here.

While the reason for his addition is metal enough — his guest appearance on Devin Townsend’s forthcoming album Empath, which you’ll see if you click over to the “Guest/session” tab — it’ll surely cause a conniption amongst internet comment sections the entire metalsphere over. Me, I think it’s badass, a gigantic middle finger to all the folks who obsess over what’s metal and what isn’t. To thee I say: who gives a fuck?

Thanks to the intrepid reporters at Toilet ov Hell for bringing this to our attention.

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