Enlarge Devin Townsend 10/25/2011, Slim's, San Francisco. http://www.skaffari.fi

Devin Townsend Releases Part Two of Empath Documentary Series


Devin Townsend has released part two of the documentary videos chronicling the creation of his forthcoming album, Empath. As with all of Devin’s releases, his music is very much a reflection of his state of mind at the time of its creation, and as such these documentaries (as with most of Devin’s interviews) come across as equal parts informational and psychotherapy session. I mean that in a good way: Devin’s insight into his creative processes, and his brain’s inner workings that inform them, are FASCINATING.

In the latest episode, Devin talks at length about what led to his decision to disband The Devin Townsend Project (and, in a related sense, Strapping Young Lad), and what led him to where he currently is with Empath. This episode is a bit more visually interesting than the first — it features live footage of Devin, and other clips from his career — but it is still primarily an audio interview. Check it out below, and check out the first episode here.

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