This Dude Sounds EXACTLY Like Layne Staley [Part Two]


Back in 2017 the metalsphere stopped momentarily to ogle at the singer for the band Skorned, who impressed us all with his voice’s uncanny resemblance to that of original Alice in Chains vocalist Layne Staley. Sure, many a yarler has attempted to sound like Layne — with varying degrees of success — but this guy, whose name we were never able to find, sounded JUST THE FUCK LIKE HIM. Here, check it out before we go any further:

And then today we got an email from MetalSucks reader Mark R. alerting us to the existence of Chout, a Chicago area band whose vocalist, Brendan Maier, is also a deadringer for Layne Staley to an absurd degree. Have a listen:

Uncanny, right? His voice is indistinguishable from Layne’s and, for that matter, from the singer of Skorned. Should William DuVall ever quit Alice in Chains — not that we’re advocating that, he’s a fantastic vocalist — Jerry Cantrell and co. ought to give Mr. Maier a ring.

UPDATE: It’s the same guy in both bands! MetalSucks reader Kenny put us on to this article at radio station DC101 naming Maier as the vocalist of Skorned as well as an Alice in Chains cover band called FaceLift. Skorned’s Facebook page says that the outfit is no more, so it appears that Chout is Maier’s new band.

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