Florida Tourism Board Accidentally Uses Golden Girls Description for Metal Band Bio


Bradley Alcorn, the guitarist for Jacksonville, FL-based rock band Appalachian Death Trap, was just trying to do his bandmates a solid and increase the band’s online visibility when he logged onto all of their social networks one night to fill in missing details on their profiles. As anyone who’s ever run a band’s socials will tell you, the process is tedious, so Bradley did what any sensible metal band member would do to save time: he hopped over to IMDB and copied and pasted the description for The Golden Girls into all of the bio fields.

Fast forward to this week. Appalachian Death Trap have a show coming up next month in St. Augustine, a coastal resort town south of Jacksonville, and the city’s tourism board did what any sensible tourism board would do when preparing a feature on a band’s upcoming show: copied and pasted the description straight from the band’s Facebook page.

So, as of press time, anyone visiting the event preview page on VisitStAugustine.com will see the following:

“Appalachian Death Trap is a band from Jacksonville. They have two albums that are available for download on their bandcamp website, their music is primarily rock and heavy metal. Although all members are male, their songs tell the stories of four older women who have been divorced or widowed and are now roommates. Together they play their music all around Florida, in Orlando, Tampa, Orange Park, St. Augustine, and especially Jacksonville.”

Suddenly song titles like “Footsteps of a Tyrant,” “Thinning the Herd” and “Price of Perfection” take on a whole new meaning… although I’m not quite sure what that meaning is. Feel free to pontificate below while you listen to Appalachian Death Trap’s new self-titled album. Screen cap in case St. Augustine’s tourism board gets hip to the gaffe. Thanks to Carine for sending this one in!

Florida Tourism Board Accidentally Uses Golden Girls Description for Metal Band Bio

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