Shit That Comes Out Today: February 1st, 2019


This week was great, mostly because of that new Panopticon EP that appeared out of thin air. It’s been getting me through the early mornings and long school days, and shines a little light on the midwinter gloom that’s kept me from venturing outside. I haven’t really been able to listen to much music since then (woe is me), but here’s a few releases that deserve to be touched on anyway:

Astronoid (Blood Music)
Full Album Stream

Astronoid’s sophomore release takes their immense talent to the next level, but rather than typing it all again, I’ll direct you to the nice things I already said over here.

Lotus (Silver Lining Music)
Listen “Martyrs

The Swedish proggers are back with a powerhouse of an album, poignant and emotive as always. Overall, Lotus is a subtle, slow burn, with a couple bangers like “Martyrs” and “Rival” found throughout. The band describe it as “intoxicating, addictive aural therapies, questioning much of today’s darkness while juxtaposing them with moments of great escape and hope.” If you have a decent attention span and few minutes to sit down and contemplate the nature of existence, Lotus will engulf you in its introspective lyrics and pensive musicality. However, “if your attention span is less than 30 seconds, then Soen is not the band for you.”

Helping Hands… Live & Acoustic at the Masonic (Blackened Recordings)
Live Performance Stream

An acoustic album from Metallica? You may be skeptical, and you have every reason to be so. But, have no fear: Helping Hands is pretty alright, easily one of their better releases in the past several years. I’m especially fond of the guitar work, which could almost pass as some alt-country wizardry. Good job, boys, this album doesn’t suck. PSA: proceeds from album sales go to charity!

Living Tomb (20 Buck Spin)
RIYL Tomb Mold, Outer Heaven
Listen “Blaze Of Bodies

Though this is Ossuarium’s first full length, it should be a priority listen for fans of the groove/death genre. It’s from 20 Buck Spin, so you already know it’s gonna be good. I could whip out my trusty thesaurus and use a lot of adjectives like cataclysmic, eviscerating, and grotesque to describe Living Tomb, but instead I’ll just say that it totally slaps (sorry, not sorry).

Spread My Ashes (Redefining Darkness Records)
Listen “The Darkness Whispers In My Ear

Who doesn’t love a nice big bowl of blackened doom to start off the day? Zohama’s new record (and first full-length) is exactly that: eerie and dissonant, thunderous and sludgy, with some death-metal chugging thrown in for good measure. I don’t know a lot of bands from Israel, but unless Zohamah are a crazy one-off cultural exception, there’s gotta be some awesome stuff happening over there. And to top it off, Spread My Ashes features some of the most incredible production I’ve heard in quite a while (and I’m under the impression that it was self-produced — props!). Definitely spin this.



Sardonic WrathStop, Drop Dead’N Roll (self-released) listen
Carbon Colossal Celestail Eels (self-released) listen
MortiisThe Unraveling Mind (self-released) listen
Pensées NocturnesGrand Guignol Orchestra (Shadow Actors) listen
Thronum VrondorIchor (The Rebellion) (Pulverised) listen
MorildSå kom mørket og tog mig på ordet En sort sky af minder I afgørende stunder Frosset fast i mit indre Jeg håber det forsvinder med lyset At dø eller blive fri (Indisciplinarian) listen
MastiffPlague (APF) listen
The PsychodoxResurgence (Plasmocidal) listen
IthacaThe Language of Injury (Holy Roar) listen
Die Klute – Planet Fear (Cleopatra) listen
Almøst HumanXS2XTC (Fastball) listen
Der Rote MilanMoritat (Unholy Conspiracy) listen
HedfuzyWaves (Hostile) listen
Pulchra MorteDivina Autem Et Aniles (Ceremonial) listen
ThetanAbysmal (Anti Corporate) listen
Within TemptationResist (Spinefarm) listen


Cannibal Corpse – The Undead Will Feast Boxed Set (Floga) listen

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