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Blood Command’s New Jam “Afraid of Water:” Deathpop? Pop-Punk-Metal?


Blood Command’s New Jam “Afraid of Water:” Deathpop? Pop-Punk-Metal?Kerrang!‘s writeup of the new Blood Command single “Afraid of Water” is the first time I’ve seen the Norwegian quartet’s music referred to as “deathpop.” I certainly appreciate the root of that sentiment — heavy stuff mixed with sugary hooks — but I’m not sure it’s wholly accurate namely because I don’t get any death metal vibes from Blood Command. When I think deathpop I think Scar Symmetry, aka “Death Jovi.” What would be a more appropriate term for Blood Command? Metalpop? Pop-punk-metal?

Silly semantic argument aside, who the fuck cares what it’s labeled as when the band consistently puts out jams as hot as “Afraid of Water,” their latest? Like all of their tunes, this one is upbeat and full of energy, features plenty of singalong moments and has guitars with just enough crunch, fizz and crackle to appeal to headbangers. In short: it’s a Blood Command song.

Fysisk Format will release Blood Command’s new EP, Return Of The Arsonist, on April 19; pre-order here.

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