Video: Metalcore Bands Play a Show Inside a Wendy’s Fast Food Restaurant


Last year, Houston-area band Live Without made headlines when some old video surfaced of a show they’d performed inside a Denny’s. The restaurant had closed down for good, but the band somehow got inside and staged a show, delivering the epic opening line, “What the fuck’s up, Denny’s?”

Now the Chicago metalcore act Capital Vices and alternative/pop-punk outfit Makena have upped the ante: while they performed inside a Wendy’s location in Knoxville, TN — I’d argue that Wendy’s is a step down from Denny’s, but feel free to disagree — they did so in what looks to be a fully operational restaurant (albeit likely outside of normal business hours), which unquestionably changes the game.

No idea how this came to pass, but video currently making the rounds on Twitter documents the incident. It looks as if the bands compensated for the lack of P.A. by having the vocalists sing directly into their phones, which is actually quite clever. Have a look:

Next up, we’d like to see a band pull this stunt off at a McDonald’s during normal business hours. Anyone up for the challenge?

[via Lambgoat]

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