Unsigned Metal Bands in L.A.: Want a Free Music Video for Your Band?


MetalSucks reader TJ Grof is a film student in his Junior year in Los Angeles. He’s currently taking a “Music Video and Commercial” class, and while most of his classmates are producing hip hip or rap videos for their school projects, TJ has decided to keep it real by sticking to his roots in metal! That’s where you come in, Los Angeles-based unsigned metal band: TJ will produce, film and edit a music video for you, COMPLETELY FOR FREE, as part of his college coursework!

The shoot will take place over two days in the Los Angeles area at a location and exact date to be determined. The school provides a ton of sick gear and top-flight cameras, with other students from the class on hand to help out. The project will be fully collaborative and your creative input will be welcome! And the final product will be yours to do with as you please, no strings attached. The goal here is create a finished video both TJ and the band are proud of with the goal of furthering both of their careers.

Interested parties should email TJ at [email protected]. Bands outside the Los Angeles area are certainly welcome to apply, but you’d need to foot your own travel expenses. TJ will be picking his favorite band from the bunch and will contact them directly — MetalSucks is just the messenger here trying to help spread the word.

Good luck, and have fun!

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