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Pig Destroyer Release New Song, Likely Have a New Bassist

  • Axl Rosenberg

Update, 12:48 p.m.: John Jarvis has confirmed for us that he has left the band. He remains in Agoraphobic Nosebleed, with Scott Hull, and Scour, with Adam Jarvis. Original story follows below.

First, let’s get the great fuckin’ news out of the way: Pig Destroyer have released a new song called “Cameraman” via the Adult Swim Singles program. It’s music’s answer to being shoved in a barrel that’s set on fire and sent careening down a very steep hill. In other words: it’s Pig Destroyer, so the fact that the song is great is no surprise.

What is a surprise is the band photo at the top of this post, which accompanied the press release announcing the single. The photo features five musicians… but I have no idea who that dude on the far right is. Presumably, he’s the band’s bassist, since all of the group’s other members (frontman J.R. Hayes, guitarist Scott Hull, drummer Adam Jarvis, and sampler/noise/hype man Blake Harrison) are accounted for. Unless John Jarvis grew his hair, had plastic surgery, and shrank, that is not the man who has been playing bass for PxDx since 2013. But no announcement about John (Adam’s cousin) leaving the band has been made, and he’s still listed as a member on the group’s Facebook page.

We reached out to Pig Destroyer’s label, Relapse, for clarification, and were told an announcement will be made tomorrow, March 21. We also reached out to John for comment, but have not yet heard back at this time. Still, it seems safe to assume that the band has a new bass player, which is notable not only because it means John Jarvis is out, but also because the band infamously didn’t even have a bassist before John.

Shit. Maybe that new guy isn’t even a bassist! I mean he probably is, but who knows! The band could be adding a second guitarist or a turntablist or something. (I’m kidding. They are not adding a turntablist to Pig Destroyer anytime soon.)

If anyone recognizes that dude, please, hit us up and let us know who he is. Otherwise, stay tuned for answers tomorrow, hopefully.

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