Whitechapel Release New Song and Video, “Hickory Creek”


Whitechapel have debuted “Hickory Creek,” a song off their forthcoming album The Valley, via the below music video. You should be forewarned before viewing the clip, though — it’s emotionally unsettling stuff. Not entirely surprising, given the subject matter, as described by our own Phil Boozeman in his review of The Valley:

“‘The Valley’ focuses on the traumas of Bozeman’s youth in Hardin Valley, TN (the words “Based on true events” adorn the top of the album artwork), and you can definitely feel the weight of authenticity in the vocalist’s performance and lyrics… This is especially apparent on tracks like “Hickory Creek.” Consisting almost entirely of — yup! — clean vocals, ‘Hickory Creek’ escapes the ‘LOOK WE’RE A HEAVY BAND THAT WROTE A SOFT SONG!’ gimmick precisely because Bozeman is drawing from first-hand experience. It’s probably the riskiest song Whitechapel have written to date, and it’s one of ‘The Valley’‘s highlights.”

If you’re feeling up for it, you can watch the “Hickory Creek” video below. The Valley comes out March 29 on Metal Blade. It features drums by Navene Koperweis, currently of Entheos and formerly of Animals as Leaders. You can pre-order it here. You may also wanna give a listen to our recent podcast interview with Whitechapel guitarist Zach Householder, too.

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