Conjurer Post Absolutely Crushing Audiotree Live Studio Performance Video


Hoooo-leeee shit am I pumped to watch Conjurer play in NYC next Saturday night (April 6th) when they open for Rivers of Nihil at the SOLD OUT Saint Vitus show in Brooklyn! I was excited already — I’ve been way into Mire, released last year, ever since I caught wind of it — but watching the band positively slay in this live studio video, recorded at Audiotree’s Chicago facility on this very tour, is amping up my already amplified amplification to the next level. I mean, look at these dudes, how much fun are they to watch? And this is with no audience! Not only that, but they sound phenomenal, too; all the audio you hear in this video was played live, recorded to tape (errr… hard drive) as is.

Watch the video below. The Audiotree sessions are also available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and other platforms; all those links are right here.

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