Here’s Footage of Deftones Performing “Be Quiet and Drive” in 1997 for the First Time Ever


A recently unearthed clip of Deftones playing “Be Quiet and Drive” in 1997, allegedly the first time they ever performed it live, has been making the rounds this week. While such a claim would be difficult to substantiate unless someone kept meticulous notes of the band’s setlists all the way back then, Chino Moreno’s greeting at the beginning of the video that “This is the first show we’ve played in a long-ass fucking time” certainly lends it credence, as the performance took place on September 11th, 1997, about a month before the release of Around the Fur.

Regardless, this video is fucking awesome. The energy in the room is palpable — both from the guys on stage and the audience — in that special way that only a band that’s about to take off can capture. You can just feel it, that they’re on the precipice of something massive, how special this song would become, all from this one-song clip of the band playing to their hometown audience in Sacramento. Recommended watching, A++++ WDBWA.

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