All Shall Perish Have Not Perished Yet

  • Axl Rosenberg

Y’all are never gonna believe this, and probably don’t even care, but it’s too weird not to share: just a few hours ago, Vince and I were at lunch with a friend and somehow the topic of All Shall Perish came up, and the three of us were like, “Hey, what’s going on with them?”

For anyone who needs to play catch-up: the band’s original drummer, Matt Kuykendall, won a lawsuit against bassist Mike Tiner in 2015. Subsequently, an amalgamation of the line-ups that made ASP’s first two albums, 2003’s Hate, Malice, Revenge and 2006’s The Price of Existenceannounced that they were getting back together. They even appeared to be futzin’ around in the studio circa 2016, although they made it clear at the time that they were still a long way off from releasing anything. After that, they went radio silent save for this shirt they released in support of Bernie Sanders and this statement speaking out against Phil Anselmo’s racist behavior at Dimebash.

Which brings us to today! One could be forgiven for having assumed that All Shall Perish have perished; after all, in Metal Internet years, they’ve been gone a millennium.

But they haven’t perished! The band released this not-especially-detailed update on Facebook earlier today:

“ASP is not dead. We have some challenges to deal with, but new music is being created. Thank you to all of our loyal fans who still write to us every day!”

So, not super helpful, but still! Hope for new All Shall Perish is not yet lost. Cross your fingers we hear more before 2020.

The band’s last known line-up, as helpfully provided by The PRP, is as follows:

Vocals – Hernan “Eddie” Hermida
Guitar – Ben Orum
Guitar – Chris Storey
Bass – Caysen Russo
Drums – Matt Kuykendall
Additional Vocals – Craig Betit

[via dickhammer.pl]

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