Serpent of Gnosis: 3/5ths of Job for a Cowboy Join Forces with Members of The Black Dahlia Murder and Deeds of Flesh


Job for a Cowboy are back! Sort of. Three-fifths of the JFAC line-up that made 2011’s Gloom, 2012’s Demonocracy,  and 2014’s Sun Eater — a.k.a. “Job for a Cowboy’s three best releases” — have reunited in a new band called Serpent of Gnosis. Specifically, vocalist Jonny Davy and guitarists Tony Sannicandro and Al Glassman. For those playing along at home, that means the only thing stopping this from being a full-on JFAC reunion is the absence of bassist Nick Schendzielos (who also played on all three offerings) and drummer Jon “Charn” Rice (who left after Demonocracy… but it’s safe to assume that Danny Walker is off the list of potential candidates).

Rounding out the line-up are the most excellent duo of bassist Max Lavelle, who is currently in The Black Dahlia Murder but used to tear shit up with Glassman in Despised Icon and Goratory, and drummer Darren Cesca, who is currently in Deeds of Flesh but used to tear shit down with Glassman and Lavelle in Goratory.

The band will release their debut album, As I Drink from the Infinite Well of Inebriation, on June 14 through 1126 Records, and their first single, “The Colorless Capsules,” has now premiered via Decibel. It definitely has a late-era-JFAC-ish quality to it, although it is painfully absent of a Sannicandro solo. In any case, it’s good shit; hopefully the assholes who never gave Job for a Cowboy a chance because they didn’t like that moniker are more game to check out Serpent of Gnosis. 

Listen to “The Colorless Capsules” below, then head to the comments section to discuss.

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