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Batushka Moving Forward with New Frontman; New Album Coming Soon via Metal Blade Records


Batushka kicked off 2019 with some good old fashioned drama, as guitarist Krzysztof Drabikowski and vocalist Bartłomiej Krysiuk sparred over the rights to the band’s name in full view of the public. Drabikowski, who started the band and claimed he’d written all of their material, said he kicked out Krysiuk for “inappropriate behavior” and warned that music might eventually surface bearing the Batushka name that didn’t involve him. Meanwhile, Krysiuk stated that the band had kicked out Drabikowski and would continue without him despite the fact that Drabikowski still controlled many of the band’s official online channels at the time. The result: two Batushkas, each claiming to have kicked out a different toxic member.

Fast forward a few months, and it seems that the Krysiuk-led version of the band has won out. In a new post to the band’s official Facebook page (which it seems Krysiuk has now regained access to), Batushka have announced that the “original band… with exception only to one” has inked a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records (the deal was first announced in October of 2017) and that new music will soon see the light of day. The band does give Drabikowski credit for writing the material on Batushka’s highly successful debut album Litourgiya, but also goes on to call him selfish and greedy without elaborating.

I still think we’re missing a big piece of the puzzle here as to the source of the drama — it doesn’t add up, and both parties are clearly taking measures to ensure certain things remain private — but perhaps it’ll all come to light in the future. For now, Batushka fans have new music to look forward to… and, with all due respect to Drabikowski’s contributions so far, likely won’t care too much about who’s performing under that hood unless the new music is drastically different.

Here’s the full statement from the band:

“The time for silence is now at an end.

“No one has ever denied the contributions of Mr Drabikowski – morally or legally. Drabikowski is recognised in a publishing and recording setting for writing and partially performing the music on the Litourgiya album. However, no individual makes Batushka and our identities were hidden for that reason. For a man who claims to love his work – he conducted himself for himself, invoicing and never investing. The Batushka you now love would have been crushed by such a man’s greed.

“We have, in our hands, the masters to a piece of work which shall speak for itself – the original band is together and have entrusted their signatures as a part of our exciting, worldwide record deal with Metal Blade Records…with exception only to one.

“Those who have supported Drabikowski’s cause, please follow him…but know, he does not represent Batushka. Batushka lives here.”

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