The Most Anticipated Metal Albums of 2019


Buckle up everyone, 2019 is going to be the biggest year in metal yet! We’re not complaining, last year was pretty great too, but 2019 is when all the big guns will return. Feeling hyped yet? You should be because this year’s releases are going to blow your mind.

The 21st century might not give metal as much credit as it deserves, but the internet era has changed the way we approach the genre. Nowadays, we can easily find and listen to all of our favorite songs and artists online. In 2019, when everyone who wonders how to make my own music website and create a community can do it within a few minutes, it is easy for brand new metal artists to share their work with us. Maybe there will be an absolutely new metal band this year that will become legendary, who knows, but let’s first focus on the names we already know.

1. Baroness – Gold and Grey

This band is one of the most consistent metal acts of our time. Starting with the Red album in 2007, they have released four full-lengths.

Gold and Grey is their upcoming fifth studio album and is going to be released on June 14th. We are excited about this release because it will be the first one that will include their new guitarist Gina Gleason. We already had a taste of what their new work is all about with the release of their new single “Borderlines” in March. The artwork of the album is exquisite and was designed by frontman and lead singer John Dyer Baizley as always.

2. Deftones

Deftones have been delivering their best with each album since the mid ’90s. Even though we don’t have an official release date, the band still confirmed that they will release new music in 2019. There were a few studio posts on social media and even an official announcement in December 2018. In a recent interview, lead singer Chino Moreno compared their new work to White Pony.

3. Gojira

There is a lot of excitement around Gojira’s new work. Although they haven’t confirmed an official release date, lead singer/guitarist Joe Duplantier’s statement in 2018 left our mouths watering. Joe confirmed that they are preparing a lot of material for their new album. Whereas in the past if they only wrote 12 songs, this time around they’ll be writing 100, each with a different and fun approach.

4. Killswitch Engage

Frontman Jesse Leach started sharing pictures from the recording studio on social media in 2018 and the band announced a new album will come out this year just last week. The upcoming eighth studio album is the most anticipated metal record of 2019, especially because Leach in a recent interview mentioned that this was the most difficult record he ever wrote.

5. Korn

All of the teasers about the follow up to The Serenity of Suffering left us hyped about Korn’s new work. Jonathan Davis said in a recent interview said that fans will be pleasantly surprised by the new album. He also mentioned that they will be using some tricks they’ve so far kept from the public eye. However, we’ll need to be patient: the band announced that their new work will see a late 2019 release. Nothing to hope for this summer, but luckily our spring days will be filled with cool, over the top, metal blissfulness.

We are all looking forward to an awesome, crazy, metal 2019. Boom!

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