New Fear Factory Greatest Hits Compilation Was Released Without the Band’s Knowledge


Last Friday, April 26th, Warner Music Group put out a compilation of Fear Factory songs titled Linchpin featuring tracks exclusively from the band’s time on Roadrunner Records (Roadrunner was absorbed into the massive Warner family several years ago). When asked about the compilation by a fan on Twitter, guitarist Dino Cazares initially claimed ignorance. The compilation, it seems, was released without the band’s consent.

But the best part of this story is Dino’s response after he took some time to investigate. Rather than whine about an unauthorized release the way so many bands have done over the years when former record labels release compilations or reissues without the band’s consent, Dino essentially said, “Welp, whatever, it’s their right to do so. Enjoy!” He’s getting the royalties anyway, right? And these kinds of releases aren’t typically designed with diehards in mind, they’re for casual passers-by, especially since this one is only available digitally. Really, no one loses here.

You can check out Dino’s Twitter posts on the matter below. Linchpin is available here if you’re curious.

Meanwhile, Fear Factory continue to be ensnarled by legal issues preventing the release of their next album, which may or may not be titled Monolith, but appears to be finished and ready to go. Vocalist Burton Seabell promised a 2019 release, but we’ll need to wait and see what happens as these things have a tendency to drag on longer than expected when lawyers are involved.

[via The PRP]

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