Tool’s 10,000 Days Was Released 4,745 Days Ago Today


Yes, it’s true: today marks the thirteenth anniversary of the release of 10,000 Days, the last album from Tool. People born the day the record came out are now enjoying mitzvahs bar and bat. Personally, I’m a gray pube away from checking myself in to the Shady Acres Retirement Community.

There is a silver lining, though! For one thing, Tool have been hinting that they’ll debut new music at this weekend’s Welcome to Rockville appearance, and we’re like, 98% sure that the band is finally dropping a new album this year.

Also exciting (if apparently terrible for the environment): Noisecreep reports that profiles for Tool have popped up on both Spotify and Apple Music. There are no actual songs available on those streaming services yet, but the fact that the group is now listed at all suggests that their music may finally be available digitally sometime in the not-too-distant future. Of course, we also thought this would come to pass back in 2017, so the “not-too-distant future” may end up being, like, 2022. But hey, at least some of us are bound to still be alive at that point, right? And then a-celebratin’ we shall be.

Now close your eyes and let Tool whisk you away to a simpler time when we thought George W. Bush was always going to be the worst president we’ve ever had and Shadows Fall were going to be the next Slipknot and our phones and our mp3 players were different things:

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