Full Album Stream: War Curse, Eradication


Full Album Stream: War Curse, EradicationSometimes it isn’t necessary to reinvent the wheel so much as make a really damn good one.

Such is the case with Ohio metallers War Curse, who wear their thrash influences proudly on their sleeves on their new album Eradication. Nearly 40 years into the genre’s existence, it no longer matter how fast a band thrashes, how precisely they play, how much energy they have… it all comes down to the songs. Are they memorable or not? It’s really that simple.

And on Eradication, the answer is a resounding “yes!” Every song is loaded with hooks from which even the most wily fish could not escape, both through guitarists Justin Roth and Joshua Murphy’s penchant for super catchy riffs and vocalist Blaine Gordon’s ability to shift through a number of different delivery styles in his ongoing quest to lodge an earworm deep inside your brain. The result: you’re thrashing, you’re moshing, you’re singing, and you’ll be doing it all over again as soon as you’re done. The wheel has been neither reinvented or improved, and that’s totally fine.

War Curse will release Eradication via Svart Records on May 10th; pre-order here and stream the whole thing below.

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