Guns N’ Roses Are Suing the Makers of Guns ‘N’ Rosé Beer

  • Axl Rosenberg

As everyone knows, the Guns N’ Roses reunion was a total bust that made nobody any money whatsoever. So it makes sense that the band’s three remaining founding members, Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan, are suing the Canarchy Craft Brewery Collective’s Oskar Blues Brewery, who make a beer called Guns ‘N’ Rosé. They are, after all, in desperate need of money.

I am, of course, kidding. About Guns N’ Roses needing money, I mean. Not about them suing the brewers of Guns ‘N’ Rosé.

From The Blast:

“GN’R claims Canarchy tried to trademark the name but after the band objected, they agreed to abandon the application.

“Axl and the boys claim they reached out several times to tell them to stop selling all the goods completely and claim Canarchy agreed to stop … but not until March 2020.”

The band also alleges that Canarchy have been selling Guns ‘N’ Rosé merch, including hats, t-shirts, pint glasses, stickers, buttons, and bandanas. So they’re suing for trademark infringement and seeking unspecified damages.

Under normal circumstances, I’d be inclined to side with Canarchy here — the name of their product is clearly a joke, the logo looks nothing like the actual GN’R logo, the chances that someone would confuse the two entities is slim, the pun isn’t even original, and, like I said, Guns N’ Roses absolutely do not need the money.

Having said that, it really bugs the shit out of me when people put an apostrophe on either side of the “N” in “Guns N’ Roses.” Yes, I know, technically, that is grammatically correct. Guess what? The Beatles and Led Zeppelin also have (deliberate) misspellings in their names. So you can fuck right the fuck off with that fucking shit.

While we wait to see how this resolves, now seems like a good time to revisit Axl Rose’s bizarre Budweiser commercial from 2014:

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