Jam Darkthrone’s New Track “Duke of Gloat”


The title “Duke of Gloat,” Darkthrone’s latest single, conjures images of a smug neckbeard sitting behind a keyboard, fiendishly laughing as he (definitely a he) hits enter on the latest trollish comment put forth into the metalsphere. I don’t have a lyric sheet for the track so I can’t say what Nocturno Culto is in fact screaming about, but the song’s mix of icy black metal riffing and a traditional heavy metal sense of melody — the band’s patented, self-described “black old heavy metal” direction of late — provides the perfect base for whatever you want it to be, really. And, given Fenriz’s well-documented sense of humor, would we be surprised if Darkthrone dedicated a song to internet keyboard warriors? Use your imagination for now while you headbang, then let’s all worry about the lyrical content later, mmkay?

“Duke of Gloat” follows previous single “The Hardship of the Scots” from Darkthrone’s new album Old Star, out tomorrow, May 31st, via Peaceville. Pre-order here.

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